BCMFest 2014: All In the Family

BCMFest is by no means an “adults only” type of thing (OK, yeah, maybe some of those traditional ballads can be a little smutty). Families with children have a place in the festival, too – in fact, the first part of BCMFest’s Saturday “Dayfest” schedule is largely devoted to special programming for young ones, and the less-young ones accompanying them. And as you can see in the photo below, parking was at a premium for last year’s children’s/family events:

Morning of Dayfest, 2013.

Morning of Dayfest, 2013.

Kicking off things at 10 a.m. in Club Passim will be Katie McD, a Galway native with a troubadour’s heart and songwriter’s vision; she’ll be followed by Matt Heaton, who as a traveling musician (he’ll be playing later in the day with his wife Shannon) and father has had lots of practice keeping kids entertained.

Matt Heaton has branched out his talents to include kid's music.

Matt Heaton has branched out his talents to include kids’ music.

Katie McD

Katie McD, radiant smile and a voice to match.

But it’s not only grown-ups in the spotlight during the Family Music portion of Dayfest. Give a listen to Realta Gaela, a group of youthful musicians from Boston’s Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann Music School, and the trio Skylark, talented teen fiddlers who are firmly rooted in the Irish instrumental and song traditions.


And for something a little, well, different, you can listen to a recitation by Sean Smith of the classic story “Albert and the Lion,” written by Scotsman Marriott Edgar.

Youthful musicians from Boston's Comhaltas Music School make up Realta Gaela.

Youthful musicians from Boston’s Comhaltas Music School will perform at BCMFest as Realta Gaela.

BCMFest has a lot going on, so once the special kids/families programming is done don’t feel you have to leave. Stay and listen to the other music and dance events at Club Passim or the First Parish’s Sanctuary and Parlor stages, or drop in on a jam session in The Attic of First Parish. Here’s the schedule to help you choose. Who knows, maybe your little one will show a fondness for sean-nos dancing, or for joining in sing-alongs, or decide that he/she absolutely has to learn fiddle or accordion. If that happens, you’ll know you’re in good company.


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