BCMFest 2014: Attic-quette

Welcome to The Attic, otherwise known as BCMFest’s activity room!

Located on the top floor of Harvard Square’s First Parish Church, The Attic serves not only as one of four — count ’em — performance venues for the Dayfest portion of BCMFest (Saturday, 10 a.m.-5:30 p.m.), but also as a place for participatory events. For example, you can have a try at Scottish country dancing, with able assistance from none other than the esteemed Royal Scottish Country Dance Society of Boston (no, you don’t need to wear a kilt, or even plaid).

A Scottish session in The Attic, with a lovely view out the window.

A Scottish session in The Attic, with a lovely view out the window.

If you’ve got a fiddle, or accordion, or flute, or some-such instrument, bring it along. You can play some Scottish/Cape Breton music with Jigs & Saws, who got together through the Passim School of Music‘s Celtic Ensemble, where they were under the tutelage of accomplished musicians Kimberley Fraser and Katie McNally. (This, by the way, is something BCMFest organizers find really cool, because a major point of the whole enterprise is to encourage budding musicians to — literally — get their act together and share their talents and skills in a public setting.)

Or you can take part in an Irish session, led by Kathleen Parks, a splendid fiddler who’ll be performing with Cat and the Moon as part of the BCMFest Roots and Branches concert Friday night, and the young members of the delightful quartet Sparrow’s Joy.

If you like doing a bit of singing, then you can hang around for “In The Tradition,” an in-the-round presentation of contemporary songs that all have a certain traditional vibe, with Lindsay Straw, Barbara Cassidy, Peter Hale & Dave Hallowell (better known as the duo Òran Mór) and Sean Smith. You can count on there being choruses a-plenty for you to join in on.

At times during Dayfest The Attic becomes more of a listening room, for performances by fiddle-cello duo Elizabeth & Ben Anderson; those Òran Mór guys; the aforementioned Cat and the Moon plus the two other Roots and Branches acts, NØÍR and the trio of Mark Kilianski, Bronwyn Keith-Hynes and BB Bowness. But if you’re a hands-on, feet-in kind of person, The Attic will be a fun place for you to be.

(Want to know what times all these things happen? Go here.)

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